Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Baby smiles

This is my current favorite picture Dylan right now and shows his personality perfectly. He is the sweetest,happiest baby. Always smiling and giggling. When Dylan wakes up in the mornings, he will coo in his crib about 10-15 minutes before it turns into a cry for me to come get him. If I'm awake before this happens, then I try to get him before the crying and when I walk into his room to say good morning I get the biggest smiles. So cute! I remember Colin doing the same thing when he was this age and loving it then too. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dylan at 3 months old

This baby boy is such a joy, I had no idea I'd be this in love with him. He is all smiles and cooing and giggles and so easy going. He rarely fusses and cries for 2 main reasons- if he's tired or hungry. He is still going strong with his nursing and eats about 6 times in a 24 hour period, going every 2-3 hours. My only frustration is his day time naps. He seems to only take 45 minute naps during the day. Sometimes he's hungry after that 45 minutes but other times he just is done napping and wants to be picked up. I've tried letting him cry to see if he will put himself back to sleep but it doesn't really work and often times it coincides with me having to leave the house anyways to go pick up Colin from school or something else. The saving grace is that if I time it right, Dylan will take a 3 hour nap in the early afternoon in his swing at the same time Colin is napping, which is glorious as I can then nap too. So I haven't stressed too much over the shorter naps in the morning because I figure he'll outgrow it as he gets older and starts consolidating his naps. Right now he can only stay awake about 1 1/2 hours so he takes about 5 naps a day..1 long one and the others are the 45 minute ones. 
His night time sleep is predictable in that he wakes up once at night, eats and then goes back to sleep without any problem, which is great. Sometimes he'll do a 9 hour stretch before he wakes up, but occasionally he'll do a 6 hour stretch. So I'd  say it averages about 7 hours, wakes up and eats then sleeps another 3-4 before he's up for the morning.  Right now we are still swaddling him and he seems to still like it. We swaddled Colin until he was  5 months so I'll see if Dylan will follow the same.
Another funny thing is that Dylan hardly ever poops, just one poop every 5-7 days which is nice because I'm rarely changing poopy diapers but gets a little worrisome when he goes 7 days. The pediatrician says it's fine as long as it's not hard when he does finally go and it's definitely not, so I don't worry, but he does pass some mighty smelly farts pretty regularly,ha!! 
He will take his paci way more than when he was a newborn but he doesn't seem nearly as interested as Colin was. He seems to like to chew on his hands/fingers a lot and I wonder if he'll find his thumb soon and use that as his soothing mechanism. 
So that's the update on Dylan. I'm glad I did these updates for Colin as it's nice to remember what they are doing/like at different ages and look back. So hopefully I'll keep it up with Dylan.
 Here is a BIG photo dump from the last month: 

Snug as a bug after walking Big brother to school

First airplane ride-2 1/2 months

Charming our friend Walker

Dylan with cousin Emmie

First time sitting in the Bumbo

I spy a little dimple

Daddy and his boys 

All dressed up for church 

Colin likes to hold Dylan's hand in the car ( heart bursting!) 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a busy Easter weekend. It started with a egg hunt and house warming party for our friends Chris and Lucie. That was followed by a date night for a Evan and I to celebrate our 5th year anniversary. We went to buy Evan a new suit so he can look his best at his oral board test in St.Louis. After that mission was accomplished, we headed over to the Capital Hotel in downtown Little Rock. I'd been wanting to try the bar and grille there and it did not disappoint. Most memorable was the pimento cheese appetizer and Knickerboxer cocktail. 
Sunday morning, the Easter bunny surprised Colin with a basket full of goodies and a new backpack full of some spring/summer clothes from Mommy and Daddy. The biggest hits were the ninja turtles water bottle and and buzz light year t shirt...not surprising since Colin is very into pretending to be a super hero these days. We headed to church for the 11am service followed by another brunch at one of Colin's school friends house. A busy weekend, and definitely a fun one! 

Easter egg dying 

Colin and our neighbor Evie 

He was not happy about the bow tie, it came off right after this picture

Colin with his school friend Cas after church 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dylan Kenneth Tummel

This precious baby has been with us for a little over a month now. It's hard to see his personality at this young age but so far he's  been quite a joy to have with us. He hardly fusses except when he's tired or hungry. He has started to be more alert and look around more and turns his head when he hears our voices. Sometimes I swear he's trying to smile and I can't wait until he does! 
At first he refused the pacifier but he has started to take it more now. He likes to be swaddled to sleep and to sit in his swing and look out the window or at the spinner above the swing. Fans capture his attention as well. He is a pretty good sleeper so far, during the day I'll either put him in his swing for naps or the bassinet and he falls asleep pretty easily on his own. I've been keeping him on a eat, play, sleep cycle like I did with Colin so it's been good to have him in a semi routine. He is fingers crossed sleeping good stretches at night..he goes down anywhere between 9 and 10 and has slept a good 4-5 hour stretch before he wakes up for his next feed. Unlike his brother, Dylan took to nursing very well and also will take a bottle easily too.
Of course he's only a month old so all of this changes on a daily basis but I'm trying to just go with the flow :) 

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Friday night brought about 3 inches of snow. The first thing Colin said when he woke up was "Let's go play in the snow!" I didn't have quite as much enthusiasm as he did, but took him out for a walk to "stomp" around the neighborhood, and of course everything looked beautiful covered in a blanket of white. When Evan got home later in the morning, they went back out for some sledding.

I knocked more things off my baby to do list as well. My hospital bag is 90% packed, his going home outfits are picked out, and evan attatched the ride on board to our stroller so Colin can stand and ride while the baby sits. I feel 98% ready for this baby- diaper changing station is ready, clothes are clean,tucked into his drawers, all the baby gear has been washed with new batteries, I'm ready with supplies and support for breastfeeding or bottle feeding, freezer is semi stocked with food for easy dinners, I've even preloaded everyone's addresses so ill actually send out baby announcements this time. I pampered myself with a massage, haircut and mani/pedi. On Friday I interviewed a great girl who will come babysit once a week after all our family has left, I figured a few hours a week to ourselves when the baby comes will be well worth it. 
The only things left to do are install the baby car seat, knock out any laundry ( our washer is acting up and I'm hoping evan can fix it today!) and make one more trip to the grocery store. A cleaning lady is coming today to get the house nice and clean for the baby's arrival and I'm going to set her up to come every 2 weeks until I get in the swing of things and can do it myself again. Now...the biggest thing that is still not done is picking out his name, we are still undecided and it is really getting close!! 

The doctor told me Id be in the hospital 2 nights, which means I'm most likely bringing the baby home on Valentine's Day! Yesterday we ironed this onto a little onesie for him to wear home :)